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David Slade's DAREDEVIL Reboot.

It's been announced for some time now that Fox is going to do a new Daredevil movie rebooting the franchise (if you can call it a franchise, there's only been the one movie, yet), and has hired director David Slade of "30 Days of Night" fame.

Now, they've hired a David James Kelly to rewrite (?) the script.

I'm not sure, who that is, IMDb lists two writers by that name, both having only done short films. Or maybe it's the only other David James Kelly listed on IMDb, but not listed there as a writer?

Anyway, considering Matt Murdock's a devoted catholic lawyer who's got father issues, a small practice, ethical conflicts and a bumbling, overweight best friend, maybe they should've gone with David Edward Kelley, instead. Especially since he just recently tried to do a superhero show (and, let's be honest, we all know Daredevil's more up his alley than WW).
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