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Re: Whatever happened to Stellar from Dragonfire?

On another forum Ed Stradling doing the DVD extras wrote this, in October.

'I tried to contact Miranda for the DVD. I found that there was a Miranda Borman living in Bristol, she was about he right age and had an acting background. But she denied being the same girl. She probably thought I was a stalker. Although maybe not as she's now following me on twitter!'

The person writing the Production Commentary Paul Scoones then followed with this

'I also had a go at tracking down Miranda, in my case while I was researching the production subtitles for Dragonfire.

I didn't find her at the time, but just recently she got in contact out of the blue. She was initially very friendly and quick to respond to my emails, but as soon as I asked a few questions specific to her time on Doctor Who she stopped responding, and I'm now doubtful that it is actually Miranda that I've been talking to. A friend has suggested that this 'Miranda' may actually be a well-known online serial hoaxer.

Edit: I've just had an email from 'Miranda' - my suspicions are confirmed, it's a hoaxer. They at least had the decency to come clean and admit this, though I'm none the wiser as to why they did this in the first place.'

the alledged fake's twitter account!/MirandaBorman

But then there's this website, who could be the real deal.

I'm not saying you have the fake (the photo matches, but anyone pretending could just use the recent photo too) just that there odd things going on in her name, and that shes not that hard to find. Some might say too easy!
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