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Re: Fox renews Fringe!

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Of those, the X-Files and nBSG probably have to rank as the worst final seasons for a show, primarily because TPTB had no fucking clue how to close all their loose ends.

1. nBSG
2. X-Files
3. Heroes
4. Lost

I wonder how others would rank them...
I never watched X-Files or Heroes, but I enjoyed the final runs of nBSG and Lost immensely. Both stayed true to the mythos that were set up in earlier seasons. Many people disagree with that, but the clues were there all along.
All that the final season of Lost proved was the writers were just stringing everybody along when they said early on that they had learned from other botched shows and were avoiding the problems associated with them. They ultimately revealed they had no idea how to pull everything together(Dharma, the voices, Claire's possession, Walt's importance, Aaron's supposed importance, the Smoke Monster, the Drawing on the Hatch, the purpose of the vaccination and the list could go on and on). All they had been doing is throwing everything into the mix plotwise with no idea how to pay them off and they were nothing more than cool plot devices or dangling plot threads. In the end it was just a hot mess that year where the characters just were moved around from camp site to camp site in order to drag out the show.

Same for BSG and its hokey notions of Love(only love can produce a hybrid child) which unfortunately found its way into shows like Fringe. Not to mention the pointless Baltar cult, the waste of Six as nothing more than a love plot device, the lame love triangle among Tighe/Ellen/Six, the cheap way out of the baby not being Tyrol's son, the meaning of the Opera House vision etc etc
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