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Re: Play matchmaker for Janeway

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With the whole 'one night together' thing, I view it as 'well at least we got some J/C',
You know I've always been J/7 though I usually keep my potential Chakotay mockery to myself because I like this forum to be a happy place. But if I was going to totally flip the bird to the J/C romance crowd (which is mostly women) that is just the way I would write it. Give them what they want and then give them the biggest Fuck You ever. Maniacal laughter etc..

Yeah I'm bitter, it seems quite likely to me that there was an element of that from Peter David.
I try to find the positive in it, but really there isn't; it's still a huge insult to J/C fans and more importantly to Janeway fans. I don't blame Peter David for the choice of killing off Janeway, that's a problem I have with the editors who decided on that. I blame him for how he killed off Janeway. If you're going to kill off a character, do it in a damn respectful way, not some shitty capture and transformation by an enemy that said character has defeated on numerous occasions. That's what really ticked me off.

On another note, is it ironic that I'm a huge J/C fan and yet I still poke fun at Chuckles on occasion?
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