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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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It occurred to me, another honorable mention for technology of the future would be wi-fi!! Ok, so wi-fi is proliferating right now, but the implications of the dematerilization affect of wi-fi shouldnt be ignored...
"Dematerliazation affect"? You DO realize that in any modern battlefield, the local WiFi infrastructure is ALREADY considered to be a primary target, and depending as it does on remote base stations it's considerably easier to disrupt than landlines or conventional wireless radio.

its also useful in poorer countries that have inferior infrastructure. In fact don't be surprised if Africa and other "Third World" countries totally bypass several of the technological stages other industrialized nations passed through before them.
If they do so, they do it at their own peril. Despite the media hype to the contrary, the telecommunications industry makes most of its money on robustness and reliability, not on the "newness" of its wares. That's one of the reasons why fiber-optics is still widely used despite the advent of satellite communications: not every solution is appropriate for every situation, and the newest/fanciest solution rarely is.
Happily war is also becoming extinct...we are living in the most peaceful time (relatively) in human history.
What history books are you reading? The United States has been at war pretty much continuously since its inception. Sixty five percent of our GDP is military spending, as is eighty percent of our national debt. We spent the first decade of the twenty first century involved in not one but TWO major land wars and are peripherally involved in four others.

"Relatively" peaceful? If so, it's only because most of the major world powers are currently getting along with each other -- for the most part, anyway -- and so the only major conflicts involve either small countries or organizations butting heads in regional conflicts or very large countries bombing the piss out of smaller ones for no coherent reason.

Wifi and its dematerialization affect still make LESS to target than the previous more local hardware based communication in war.
Yes, which means the WiFi network is that much easier to take out, since only a handful of targets need to be struck to disable it entirely. This is a fairly different case from, say, cable communications with its many redundant lines or conventional radio which can only be blocked by jamming or precision targeting of all possible transmitters; you could produce a pretty effective WiFi blackout in a given area just by bombing a half dozen base stations whose locations are already well known.

With newness in the 21st century comes more rapid maturity...
And with that, the ability of immature people to wield power irresponsibly. This is the point of technology you're not getting: just because somebody invents a better device doesn't mean the USERS of that device will be better people. For every RAMA that finds personal enlightenment on the internet there are ten Jihadist wackos who use the internet purely for downloading porn, stolen credit card numbers and bomb-making manuals (usually in that order) plus three guys on 4chan posting animated gifs of David Hasselhoff farting on Kim Katrel's face.

The technology alone doesn't change the agendas of the people who currently hold all the social and political power in the world; it hasn't, and it won't. The same technology that allows some peasants in Rwanda to learn CNC machining can just as easily be used by the Rwandan government to selectively exclude them from the workforce and keep the existing social order in place.
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