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Re: Play matchmaker for Janeway

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I respect KM for saying don't make the first female captain all about romance. I think the character is much stronger for it.
Smells like fear.

"No" and "never" is so extreme.

Left with a possibility that it might happen if the writers can woo her with a script that isn't pulp garbage, creates a window, even a marginal window that something unexpected can happen.

On of my earliest memories is of my mother telling me to watch Magnum PI because he has a lot of girlfriends, later when I was a little more developed I started noticing that Thomas was more of a punching bag than a player... It's about then that I realized that my mother just watched advertising and not full shows because she had too much to do.


Kashyck, the guy from Workforce, and Sulivan from Fairhaven gave us the allusion that kathy was not completely closed to the idea of a relationship on her terms, it's just that her 'terms' were again extremely acute.
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