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To be fair on the writers, Garak only showed up halfway in season 5, so maybe Garak did go to prison and because no photon torpedoes were fired he got a six month prison sentence? Sort of like Kassidy smuggling weapons for the Maquis, she too was sentenced to six months in a penal colony.
But a few weeks later in Looking for par'Mach... (I think) Keiko mentioned Garak working on some clothes, so he's either out of prison by then or he brought a sewing kit into his cell and people are sneaking him in fabric to work on. His next appearance is in Things Past, which is two episodes before Kasidy returns from her six month stretch even though she was sent away several weeks before Garak. It's possible that Garak's sentence was commuted for good behaviour, but that was never mentioned, and nobody ever brings up Garak's arrest again. I think it's fair to say that the writers dropped the ball on this one.
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