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Re: Fox renews Fringe!

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Well, I'm glad it's renewed. I'm glad that FOX is giving them the chance to finish telling the story instead of chopping it with no real conclusion.
I used to feel that way but after a slew of really disappointing crappy endings I've now moved into the camp thinking that a cancellation is a good thing for a tv show these days allowing it to avoid the weak endings so many shows have--The X-Files, LOST, nBSG, Heroes etc.
Oi, thanks for reminding me. Of those, the X-Files and nBSG probably have to rank as the worst final seasons for a show, primarily because TPTB had no fucking clue how to close all their loose ends.

1. nBSG
2. X-Files
3. Heroes
4. Lost

I wonder how others would rank them...

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