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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

If I were in charge of G4 Plushies even Macintosh would get his own plushy! I'd leave no stone unturned. If a Pony appeared in at least one episode and had any significant dialogue whatsoever I'd crank out one of each just to satisfy the hunger of the Brony market. Some might think that one of each Pony that's ever had significant lines might be whopping overkill, but let's face it. Many if not most of the Bronies in the BBS would buy them all. There's a market that's been waiting for good and plentiful G4 merchandise and I think even a plushy of one of the most minor of Ponies would do well.

Remember what cooleddie74 says, kids:

"Don't forget to have a Patrick Swayze Christmas!"
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