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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alameda. Where dey keep de nuclear wessels
B is for Bounty, HMS the name given to the Bird of Prey
C is for California. Center of the universe as far as Star Trek is concerned and it shows especially in this film.
D is for Dinner...which Gillian treats Kirk to at an Italian restaurant and where he finally reveals who he is and where he comes from
E is for Enterprise 1701-A
F is for Federation President, the first of three seen in Trek and the only human.
G is for George and Gracie
H is for Hikaru Sulu...who somehow managed to fly a Huey chopper
I is for interrogation which Chekov undergoes after being captured aboard the USS Enterprise CVN-65.
J is for James T. Kirk loves italian... and so do you.
K is for Klingon Ambassador
L is for Landing a cloaked Klingon Bird-of-Prey inside Golden Gate Park in the middle of the night
M is for Medical Miracle: How did that old lady grow a new kidney?
N is for nuclear wessels
O is for the Ocean. Where the nucular wessels and the whales go.
P is for Probe of unknown origin
Q is for Questions, which Scotty and McCoy had to ask Dr. Nichols at Plexicorp in order to get their hands on the transparent aluminum they needed
R is for Ruskie or retard or something.
S is for Starfleet Academy, where I would like to do my post secondary education 200 years from now.
T is for transparent aluminium
U is for Underwater shots. Which we had quite a few of in this film.
V is for Vulcan, planet of exile
W is for Weather. Earth's weather. Which was being torn asunder and upside down by the effects of the Whale Probe.
X is for Xelatians. Who were part of the Federation and at Kirk's demotion.
Y is for Yorktown, the Constitution-class Federation starship rendered helpless and adrift by the Whale Probe
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