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Re: Fox renews Fringe!

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Well, I'm glad it's renewed. I'm glad that FOX is giving them the chance to finish telling the story instead of chopping it with no real conclusion.
I used to feel that way but after a slew of really disappointing crappy endings I've now moved into the camp thinking that a cancellation is a good thing for a tv show these days allowing it to avoid the weak endings so many shows have--The X-Files, LOST, nBSG, Heroes etc.

I'd much rather be left thinking that the writers had a plan but never got to carry it out because of cancellation rather than realizing that the writers actually had no idea what they were doing despite all the promises to the contrary.

DS9 is the only series I can think of that actually had a solid final season and pulled together a series worth of pieces together in a smart satisfying way--where even if it was done on the fly it made sense ultimately in how it all came together.
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