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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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I wasn't trying to disparage Montero, I was trying to say that the Yankees really underpaid for Pineda and they should have wondered why.
What in the world? Pineda was considered a future world-class #1 starter, one of the best prospects in all of baseball, and his 173/55 K/BB ratio is ridiculous, and Montero is still considered a world-class hitting prospect, even though he can't catch. To say that they underpaid for him is patently absurd. Just about everyone in baseball felt the trade was pretty balanced, tipped a bit in favor towards the Yankees, and there's no evidence that Pineda was hurt prior to the trade. (If there were, Cashman would have been raising holy hell and trying to have the deal invalidated by now.)

In any event, the timeline appears to be:

- Pineda shows up to camp a little fatter than he should, Yankees make a fake show of him not being guaranteed a spot to motivate him

- Fans and media notice Pineda's velocity is down a little bit, even though it's early spring and a lot of guys are

- It becomes enough of a story that his roster spot is legitimately in jeopardy for some reason

- Pineda overthrows in his final spring training start because he's worried about his roster spot and tweaks something

- MRI comes up clean so they put him back out there

- Pineda fully tears his labrum in the rehab start

It is a rough injury, though. A torn labrum is usually a death sentence for a pitcher's career -- if Pineda manages to come back, I doubt he'll ever be more than a back-of-rotation guy.
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