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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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Preview for issue three...things finally start to heat up and Logan's loyalty is questioned by Captain America, and Steve finally addresses the point i've been making all along, except he directs it at Logan. It should be "No One is Listening!!" This is usually what happens during superhero conflicts though. No one listens to each what is the inevitable? FIGHT!!!
Is everyone under the influence of Landru? I mean, jeez, what the heck was Captain America's thought process there? That was as stupid a maneuver as Cyclops' blast at the end of AVX #1. That's just dumb. *facepalm*

As I said earlier in the thread, this whole event has been built upon out of character behavior and contrived circumstances. The characters are just placeholders to move the story forward and behave as such. It reminds me of Star Trek: Voyager. This example is particularly egregious as it was written by Cap's regular writer, Ed Brubaker.
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