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Re: What Are You Eating/Drinking Right Now?

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clam chowdah!!
That is a basic food in your area, isn't it?

Only recently I found out that I actually know this dish; I was talking with Ghost over on Flukies board and happened to describe how I steamed some clams -in the way we do here- and ranted on about how I had never even tasted a clam chowder, which was something I thought sounded just heavenly.

Turns out Ghost identified my recipe as being indistinguishable from that of a clam chowder
(Except; here we serve the clams (or mussels as it were) in their shells and the liquid as a dipping sauce for some bread.)
...if it's not swimmin' in butter you're doing it wrong

Our kitchen used to bring in clam chowder every Friday from Legal Seafoods but that stopped a few years back. It was the very best. It's still a Friday soup option, but not quite as good as the Boston classic.
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