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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

Well I guess I am going to continue to "talk" to myself in this thread. I assume the lack of interest has to do with the continued decline in show quality?

The best moment of last night's show was one final moment of bromance between Damon and Alaric before Alaric "died." For all the insanity of their relationship, Damon and Alaric really were BFFs.

Can't Klaus burn mommy dearests corpse or something? Having that chick lying around is a hazard. Plus, she was a dull as dishwater what....villianess? I don't know if she counted as a big bad, but having just watched Mikael try to kill his children, watching her trying to do the same thing lacked oomph. (Also, how bad of an original hunter was Mikael if he never managed to kill even one of his kids in 1000 years?)

So Bonnie has "activated" Esther's vampire killing machine. So I assume she know cares more for ridding the world of vampires than she does Caroline? She effectively signed Caroline's death warrant.

Is Alaric only immortal in the sense that he will continue to exist until he has killed the last of Esther's children?

Could one of the kids get a witch to undo their vamping and become human again?

I say Tyler is going to die trying to kill Klaus or that maybe Alaric Vampire Hunter kills him on his road to killing all vamps, original and otherwise?

When Klaus told Caroline she would come to him one day, I took it that she would if Tyler was out of the picture.

Bonnie's new man looks old and there is no chem between them. Also, I find it creepy that he is her pseudo brother.
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