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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

More willing to show that the universe can be a dnagerous place i.e. occasional appearances by soul eating space monster things that the crew would have to stop while their exploring the galaxy.
Yes, Star Trek is definitely too tame for modern audiences, especially on cable. The audience needs to be freaked out every so often, a la The Walking Dead. Some episodes should need that "may too intense for some audiences" warning at the beginning.

I think there is certainly enough freaky content to pull from Path to 2409 to really build a compelling series.

I mean lets recap some of the major events, shall we?

You wanna talk about a lot to draw upon for a Space Opera with turns and twists everywhere? I think Star Trek has so much to offer there right now with so many stories REALLY fleshed out.

This is BARELY scratching the surface of stories they can pull upon.

I just can't see how they could go wrong if they plotted out a plan to bring back Star Trek as a quarterly released TV movie. You can bank on EVERYONE who had any affinity for Star Trek tuning in to see whats been going on with the favorite characters since the end of each respective series. You're also not committing the same resources it would take to produce a 26 episode season serial where you have long standing contracts. You also don't run into the typical problem of lacking story to draw upon --- it's already there in book form with a very large arching continuity.
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