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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Re Rog he also made The Wild Geese (my second favourite war film of all time) North Sea Hijack and Escape to Athena during his Bond tenure.

In fact for anyone who doesn't think Roger Moore was a convincing cold blooded killer I really recommend The Wild Geese, inside the first ten minutes he forces two mobsters at gunpoint to eat a bag of poisoned cocaine, then leaves them dying in agony on the floor with a coldblooded farewell that makes Connery look almost camp by comparison.

And it strikes me that 2 years between films gives Craig plenty of time to do other things, in fact given some of the underwhelming films he's done since Quantum it might be better for him if he didn't have so much time on his hands.

Besides, I want a Bond film every two years and that settles it
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