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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

Mothers are generally a few feet away from their new born for the first few weeks, months years, even if they're working in rice paddies or crack whores...

"No, please stay, if the baby cries, 20 percent off."

There was a culling on the site of her birth.

The town was destroyed.

I thought it was because the purifiers were trying to make a point to god.



Bad god!



But taking out the town to eliminate an unknown father actually makes sense.

i mean herod kept his throne after doing the same thing.

Greys and Summers on the loose...







You know how Mary and Joseph had more kids, don't you think it's more than possible that if John and Elaine, if John didn't outright cheat on the miussus or have a second family, that being a professor himself in the 70s that they didn't go to a LOT of key parties that John could have fathered other children, or John might not be jeans father?

The 70s.

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