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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

I didn't know they revealed the mother. To be honest I only started reading regularly again a few months before Schism happened. I've continued to catch up on Fraction's Uncanny run prior to that.

Uncanny X-Men #11: This was a very solid issue, perhaps my favourite of the book so far. I love when the writers decide to get into the heads of the characters and explain their motivations for their actions or agendas. My opinion hasn't been swayed on anything yet. Interesting move by Scott at the end of the issue to unleash Kildare, ahhh Scott ever the strategist. The letter was interesting indeed. I don't know though if the mainstream human population will ever support mutantkind given their increased hysteria and prejudiced attitude towards Utopia at the moment, no matter what the government attempts to do to them. There is no one on Utopia that the humans can relate to in this matter, except perhaps Hope. I loved Namor's little comment about Emma. He really has no tact or care for wanting other people's women, a good example of his arrogance and ego as a King. It does support my statement that the only reason that Namor is there is because he admires Scott so much. I believe the same to be true for Erik. Nice homage to the end of Morrison's New X-Men run where Hope laments that she and Logan talked and she asked her to kill her (and Peter's attempt to stop Logan), exactly what Jean told him to do when they were trapped on Asteroid M and she went full blown Phoenix mode. I know that Greg Land has a negative reputation among fans, but I really have enjoyed his art work...oh and I absolutely love this "Unit" person. He's a very interesting new villain. A wildcard player in this conflict if you will. So far this is the best issue of the event and it's a tie-in issue, that's rare.

Spider-Man is an interesting character in this conflict since he has obvious long connections with both groups. Marvel has stated that he will not be a player in this conflict and were having meetings to discuss the fallout of the battle and how it would effect the rest of the Marvel Universe outside the two main groups. Peter's recent motto that no one will die says to me that he will bow out of this battle. This is going to be a slug fest and as I stated in the Marvel thread, there will be deaths IMO...I can't see Peter being a willing part of this battle, especially given his side swapping during the Civil War.
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