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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

OdoWanKenobi wrote: View Post
I......I want show accurate ponies.
So do I. I have no confidence it will happen.

That said, if they wanted to make really high-quality, accurate plushies, I'd hope they'd license the design and construction out to another company, because their own attempts are really sad. One that comes to mind is Folkmanis Puppets, who make commercially-available, affordable, and insanely awesome stuffed animals. I had all their stuff when I was a kid and it was great. Judging by their website, they haven't lost their touch, either. I'd love to see them tackle ponies.

Either that or hire talent from the Brony community. WhiteDove Creations has basically perfected the art of pony patterns; the only shortcoming is her heads are too narrow from the front, but that's easily remedied.
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