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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Unfortunately, you just started at a really bad time. 1.2 really did a number on PvP. They just trying to implement too many balancing changes at the same time. The net result was a HUGE nerf to the TTK (Time To Kill or the average time it takes to defeat another in a 1v1 situation). If you read the PvP forums, better than half the threads are about it. Bioware has more or less admitted the mistake and are scrambling to rectify it. In fact, scuttlebutt is the guy in charge of the PvP stuff is to be sacked once things get settled down.
Seems to me like they've eliminated the count-down for shutting down undermanned warzones? I swear the Republic always has a two-man advantage at the beginning of every lv 50 match now. As a result, getting battlemaster gear has turned into such a slog as well, just holding out long enough to earn at least one medal and a couple dozen measly commendations, time after time. And we almost never fill out, cause people just keep dropping out after it becomes clear we'll lose badly. I wish pvp was cross-server, and had more brackets, based on gear-level past 50.

I'm still unclear as to the best way to get ops-ready, and I don't wanna ask in my guild 'cause I'm afraid of the "do dailies" answer. I've done some, and still haven't figured out which ones drop mods and enhancements. And I don't want that question to be taken too seriously, cause they're super into ops, and I'm just like hey, I could give that a shot, maybe once. So as a skeptic I'm looking for the road of least resistance. Besides, I remained a tank cause I like that in PVP, and they don't really need any more of those, so I sense I'm a bit of a red-headed step-child over there.

This assassin of mine is at 18k hp after applying the bh buff I've unlocked. He wears several crit-rolled oranges, with used augment slots, of course. All my oranges, not just crits, have mission-support armorings and the occasional purp lv 49 mod/enhancement. I also have columni bracers, a couple black talon HM drops, battlemaster and recruit implants. As you can see I'm all over the place.

I can't help but feel that full battlemaster, with the expertise boosts and set-bonus, would improve my enjoyment of PVP, but dunno how useful that would be for HMs and ops. My guildmaster, who doesn't do PVP, has a gearing guide that's exclusively about the dailies, so I'm uncertain if his thing best takes advantage of what's available in the game. If I get decked out in all battlemaster for the set-buff, would inserting the more powerful mission support armorings break the set? How about if I put battlemaster mods in a different orange I like better and also has an augment slot? Is the only way to get the buff regardless of mods to buy the schematics and crit-craft my own?

Does one get black hole gear by finishing the weekly? Why do the stats on war hero gear seem worse than battlemaster? Why would someone turn in 200 dailies for something when a more powerful item in the same slot is obtainable with 600 warzone (weeks as opposed to hours of gameplay)? I realize that's a lot of questions.
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