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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Aquaman: I still enjoy the hell out of this book and it continues to have some fantastic artwork. We get a touch more backstory on this version of AC/Aquaman and more progress in the current arc. Still an enjoyable book.

Flash: Another good book with fantastic artwork but the "comic book physics" it's laying out is getting tougher and tougher for me to chew. The introduction and discussion of the "Speed Force" is just getting more difficult for me to buy into as it seems it's some power/molecule that exists in the universe that occasionally "overloads" and causes random bullshit to happen, be pulled into a null-time dimension and The Flash is somehow able to provide as a relief valve for this and.. bah! The book is still good and, again, with great artwork but I think it's trying way too hard to explain and justify the Flash's powers and limitations. It'd be like if Superman was talking about how Superman's body cells absorb solar radiation and how it can exert it in certain ways to provide him with heat vision on whatever. Bah!

Superman: This used to be my favorite of the two Superman-based books but AC has picked up a lot more, but this one is still good. I still can't say I'm 100% sold on this idea of Superman, I'm more a fan of the Silver Age version but this book is still been pretty good.

Supergirl: I still like this book but it's taken it 8 months to pretty much get through its first major arc and we still have a Supergirl who has yet to have a formal introduction to the world as a hero and one who doesn't yet speak English and only just now has started to don a secret identity. This book also brings us Silver Banshee and I wonder if she's going to be used as a straight-up villain in the rogues gallery, an ally or an anti-hero. They did give her the "power" to speak any language she hears meaning finally someone can communicate with SG. Along those lines I've never been a big fan of books trying to "write in an accent" so reading SB's Scottish accent is hard and I wonder how she speaks in and parses speaking English in a Scottish accent into Kryptonian. I think we're dividing by zero in there somewhere.

The Dark Knight: Yes, I'm still reading this one and I'm still actually liking it. At first it was my least favorite of the Bat-books but now I may rank it second, or at least a less distant third. This month we deal with the Mad Hatter. Again an okay book and the artwork and dialogue in it has been a touch less extreme.

I just hope they explain how he did it with a mermaid this time around.
Aquaman and Mera? The books have pretty firmly established she's a "mermaid" but still a completely human form and not the half-woman/half-fish we think of when we think about mermaids.
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