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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

The whole Marcus-Nick Fury has 34+ pages of discussion alone over at comicbookresources and Steve Wacker has been chiming in at times as well. Calling people out even. A fairly good read through of a thread.

Knowing that as Breevport says they are "having their cake and eating it to" is a bit reassuring. "Classic" Nick is going to remain more back seat though, he made that fairly clear as well even if Classic shows up in Defenders or elsewhere. Action moments are going to Marcus-Nick and he will be showing up more frequently now.

So the Infinity Formula is gone, I'm wondering then if they have any motivation to "find" some more? Perhaps prop up another McGuffin to keep Classic Nick around now? I feel a death coming up at some point for some crossover in the next few years...anyone else? Where he'll stay for some time biding his time till a resurrection but long enough to let Marcus-Nick become the dominant Fury in the 616MU.
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