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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I actually am interested in sci fi that's not based in space, and also fantasy/horror. But broadcast and cable is doing plenty of shows like that.
Fair enough. But I feel there's too much of a tendency in the general public to assume that something has to be set in space to be science fiction at all, so it bugs me when people say that Syfy somehow isn't doing science fiction just because its SF, like the majority of prose SF from the past 20-30 years, is set on Earth.

I like a diverse range of show types, and for space to be ignored just isn't acceptable to me. If they wanted to ignore, say, superheroes instead, that would be okay.
In this media climate, that's not likely to happen. Heck, there's a superhero trend going on even in prose SF/fantasy these days, which may have helped me sell Only Superhuman (which is both a hard-SF space opera and a superhero novel).

And I do think that there's a huge unmet demand for a space based series, just going by all the carping I read all over the internet, not just here.
The majority of people may use the Internet these days, but I daresay the percentage of people who actually post their opinions about TV shows online (as opposed to simply lurking or looking for funny cat videos) is still a pretty small fraction of the TV audience. So I'd be wary of assuming that online chatter represents a "huge" anything.

And I'm saying that as someone who'd love to see more space shows as much as you would. If it happens (and it's inevitable that the pendulum will swing back eventually, and it may already be starting to), it probably won't be just because the fans griped online.

I wouldn't assume that written sci fi has any influence on this. It's more likely it's the usual Hollywood thing of everyone following the trend. Nobody's doing space opera so nobody wants to do space opera.
Well, yes, that's basically what I'm saying. New ideas and trends originate in written SF, then they gradually trickle out into pop culture and it takes a decade or two before popular awareness of those ideas reaches enough critical mass that they start showing up in film and TV. Naturally, the audience and creators will eventually come to see any trend as played out and cliched and will turn away from it until someone comes along to reinvigorate it, but since TV and movies have always lagged behind prose to begin with, the decline of interest in space opera happened later in the mass media than it did in prose.
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