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Re: Starbuck's speech about Cain

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I'm pretty sure Cain was relatively "normal" prior to the attack. Sure, she was a go-getter. She rose in the ranks early in her career. Assuming she rose on merit alone, potential nefarious reasons aside, she probably was an excellent Commander. Then, two things happened - the sneak attack and the realization that Gina was a Six. The former hardened her into battle mode. We could assume this is something she trained for. The Gina thing is what put her over the edge into sociopath territory. The fact that she was sleeping with an enemy, who had access to her ship at the highest levels, responsible for the death of billions, and without ever having even suspected a little...well, I think that was a serious ego-crusher for Cain which put her on a one-way trip to dementia. No doubt she fancied herself a good judge of character up until that point.
But I don't think the betrayal was what hardened her, just the final straw. Razor revealed the loss of her sister to the Cylons which I think was the trauma that really made it a personal thing with them. It also makes me wonder what Adama would have done if the Cylons would have killed Zak.
AH! Forgot about the sister arc. Quite right - I remember that now. I think that was definitely one of the first significant catalysts - if not THE first - for her personality "quirks".

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Did we know all that about Starbuck during the New Caprica arc? I thought that all came later.

Not the arc but the meeting of Galactica and Pegasus. You know what I mean.
Not all of it. I think the show-runners had a vague idea of her parental baggage, but didn't flesh it out until later. Regardless of that, however, Starbuck was still not always terribly stable. Her extreme anguish over getting Zak killed also had a lot to do with that in the early seasons.
Most of what ended up on screen in seasons two and three about Kara is actually in the series bible, dated December 17, 2003. It's an interesting read, and shows that a lot of thought went into the characters on the show (which is probably why the show was best when focusing on character drama, rather than plot theatrics).
Very cool - maybe they did have that in mind, then, with Starbuck's interactions with Cain after all.
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