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Re: Crew of the Enterprise-D

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Well, the working hours per day are one constant, and the crew count is another. Four shifts will involve just as many man-hours as three - it's just that some people will have to participate in two shifts when they previously did only one, or in three when they previously did two...

...What would be won by more shifts would be shorter shifts, chiefly - potentially increasing alertness and OTOH giving somewhat greater flexibility in responding to casualties.

Timo Saloniemi
You realize that having people work double shifts to fill out a 4 shift rotation is essentially just running a 2 shift rotation?

Adding another shift doesn't add any man hours, in that you're correct. lets take for example a shift rotation of 3. You have 3 crew to work that rotation. now your boss asks to add a fourth shift. You have 2 options. Somebody works a double shift or you add another crew member. The former is a scheduling nightmare if you want to keep it fair to the entire crew and also means you'll have a shift that is more exhausted at the end than others. The second option requires another person that needs to be accommodated.
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