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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I read my Marvel books last night.

Moon Knight #12 - *last issue* Moon Knight and Count Nefaria have their final showdown but it's brief as MK is only buying time for The Avengers to showup where Thor delivers a knock out blow to Nefarai. I was somewhat expecting for a reversal on Echo but she remains dead. Guess her resurrection will come during some other event. I mean if Scott Lang and Puck are back after stints with death you just know Echo will be back as well at some point.
So what I'm wondering then upon the conclusion of this MK series is if it was itself just one big prequel event. The whole issue kept harping on an impending, unknown apocalyptic type, humanity ending event with Ultron that is coming, it's just unknown. The last words in the issue: Moon Knight will return in The Age of Ultron
Sounds like an "event" to me, mini or otherwise.

Daredevil #11 - so, yeah I agree basically with what's been said on this issue. Fun as it was it was a 'non-event' as the status quo remains. The Omega Drive is still out there, with Cole-Alves, and no real answers given. Not even false leads really. The one comment I'll make I don't recall seeing by other posters on the issue was DD's defense of what it takes to have "drive" to do the type job they do. I liked how Waid drove the point home that many a cop, firefighter, military or other type service member doesn't need or use the loss of a loved one to fuel their drive for justice. It was especially poignant in that Cole herself is ex-Marine and should've seen the error of her statement to DD in the regard for 'drive'.
Seeing as how Cole now has the Omega Drive, is seemingly untraceable (I'd guess Frank has an idea of her location most likely) and DD seems to have foreshadowed she has a 'talent for this type of heroics' I'm curious to know what capacity we see Cole in next.
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