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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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When you finish chapter 1 with one character you get to choose a surname for him. That becomes your Legacy name for that server. You can choose to use it as a surname for other characters on the server (don't have to). You then can set up relationships between them. You can set up friends, comrades, or a family tree. Doing so will allow you to unlock skills as you level up your legacy. For example, your main is a Smug and you level him to 50 and gain a bunch of Legacy points. Make a Trooper level her up and make her Smug's wife. By then your legacy should be a pretty high level, so you make your next character a Consular. Set her as the others' daughter and she'll "inherit" some of their skills/abilities--she can kick guys in the crotch for example.
Actually, the family tree bit has no effect on who or who can't use abilities that are unlocked. Basically Legacy abilities are open to all of your characters on that server regardless of whether you've added them to the family tree..
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