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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

I bought and started Batman: The Killing Joke yesterday, and I so far I am really enjoying, but do I have one issue with it. I really don't care for the treatment of Barbara Gordon. I went into this knowing she got shot, and since I am really interested in her character that was actually one of the reasons I've been wanting to read this. But I am rather disappointed with the fact that she really seems to be nothing more than a means to screw with her father, and it hasn't done much with the actual effect this has had on her. Other that that I am really enjoying it, the rest of the writing and art are really good. This is my first Alan Moore story, and I think I am starting to see why he is so highly respected in the comic community. I do have one question though, did The Joker rape Barbara? That is certainly the impression I've been given by what I've read so far.
Are there any stories that deal with Barbara's creation of the Oracle identity?
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