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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Body Parts (****)

Even though this episode is centred around three Ferengi characters, it doesn't feel like a typical Ferengi episode. Quark's not scheming, Rom's not acting like an idiot, and Brunt is being utterly sadistic. Ferengi episodes would typically be described as broad comedy, but this is more of a black comedy, which makes a nice change for these characters. And it's a good Quark episode, it shows him as a man so desperate for approval from his own kind that he almost kills himself, but he ultimately decides to sacrifice everything that he has to spare his life. Everything except his friends, because that's all that really matter in life. Awww. Okay, so the ending is a little corny, but after four seasons of playing the greedy businessman that tries to exploit everyone, Quark earned a moment like that.

Meanwhile, O'Brien and Keiko's baby gets misplaced, with wacky results! Okay, the results aren't really wacky, in many ways they're heart-wrenching. But this plot is actually pretty clever, it's a neat idea to explore through the medium of science-fiction, and it's a clever way to write Nana Visitor's pregnancy onto the show. I can imagine a major eureka moment when the writers came up with this idea, I bet many backs were patted. If there's one bad thing about this story-arc it's that they never fully explore the loss that Kira feels after she gives birth, but that's a discussion for another day...
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