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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'd be willing to bet that that's some of what's been happening lately. Cryptic has been quick to blame everyone else (user's fault for picking crappy passwords or giving them out (yeah, right!), visiting the STO Wiki (must be their fault), bad bank permissions (true to a point, but not if someone WITH permissions gets hacked).

They've been OK restoring some of the user's personal things, but not the EC, not much of anything stolen from the Fleet bank, and even then it's been a long fight for most.

When it turns out that CRYPTIC is the one that got hacked, and a year and a half ago at that? Wow. Will say the attitude of people attacking the victim in a couple "I got Hacked" threads turned around hilariously quickly when this came out.

Not sure where this goes at this point, but Cryptic had better start doing some damage control, and maybe even considering hiring someone for customer service. (Can only assume it's 100% automated, because you only get canned responses, if it ever gets responded to at all). In addition to the Mod/Developer attitude on the forums (plus heavy deleting of anything they don't want to disucss), this is another serious blow to customer trust. By looking over the forums, though, you'd think nothing at all had happened. Funny/suspicious, considering how much the forums get filled just bitching about perceived slights.
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