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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

There is some logic in some of WWE's more questionable decisions, but to be able to discern this logic, you must learn about how the WWE system works.

WWE is an anomaly in the professional wrestling industry, because despite being a professional wrestling organisation, it has rebranded itself as a seperate entity. Initially, this was done so Vince McMahon could carve out a unique product based upon wrestling that would reach out and draw in an audience during a declining period of professional wrestling. Nowadays though, a lot of this branding has become so ridiculous that many people speculate that Vince McMahon is ashamed of being a wrestling promoter and feels that he isn't accepted by the mainstream entertainment industry - which is untrue because WWE regulary draws in viewing figures on primetime television networks, comparable to and better than many entertainment shows.

Anyway, from what I understand, some areas of the WWE backstage system operate like a government, in the sense that politics play a big factor in the making of some decisions. Furthermore, there is an element of old school wrestling fraternity and unwritten rules of conduct in play that range from performers being "humbled" by having their push aborted because they weren't percieved as being "respectful" enough to some of the veterans, to guys recieving support from veterans because they have made a good "impression" (like forming a bond over mutual interests in the case of Sheamus and Triple H).

There are also some very silly things in WWE that are taken very seriously by the veterans, like the "wrestlers court" in which a performer is summoned into a mock trial because of something they have done wrong. The sentencing, if found guilty, ranges from being made to buy beer for the locker room to actually losing support from other performers and spending an extended period of time jobbing and working dark matches.

I also understand that Vince McMahon has the final say on everything, although he does trust his creative team to make storylines decisions without his immediate approval. He is also very flexible with performers that he knows can cut a promo, allowing the likes of Paul Heyman to cut a brutal worked shoot on him with the only stipulation being that Heyman "sells the PPV". However, Vince can be a real factor in the cautious push of fan favourite talent such as CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christan and Daniel Bryan because they are very different to the stars that he has helped make in the past (Hogan, Austin, Rock, etc) and it seems that the delay in them recieving a push, despite being white hot with the audience is down to Vince taking his time to study them and figure out if they "have what it takes".
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