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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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No, as the data shows, there is a rising in the actual poor, and the poorest 1 billion for that matter...
No, there's a rise in poor countries, which is a very different situation. It remains significant that the richest man in the world currently resides in a country where twelve million people thought they would be better off illegally moving into the United States. It is equally significant that some of the most dramatic economic gains have been made in India, a country whose ongoing caste system and income inequality are -- and apparently have always been -- of truly epic proportions. Meanwhile there are huge regions of the world that have actually gotten poorer in the past fifty years, gripped by post-colonial strife, civil wars and general anarchy that has taken its toll on what little infrastructure they had left; these areas record a loss of GDP only because the local millionaires fled the country for greener pasteurs rather than protect their private empires at home (I've heard it said that the GDP of Liberia dropped by 300% every time Charles Taylor stepped on an airplane).

Technology is making information more available to everyone, true, but information alone isn't equivalent to money, nor can information alone solve the kinds of social problems these regions experience or alleviate the poverty that stifles many of them from developing. The right kind of technology in the right hands could do a lot to turn things around, and PRESENTLY there is no particular barrier to sharing that technology, other than the general lack of willingness on the part of the industrial world to share that technology without getting anything in return. The thing you have to take into account is that ultimately that technology is still controlled -- directly or indirectly -- by a handful of wealthy elites at the top of the current power structure, and they are VERY good at preventing potential competitors from usurping their position.

What people are failing to realize, or realizing very gradually is that the climate for real change is actually happening for the first time in human history.
The climate for real change has ALWAYS been around. Just not everywhere at once, and not always for the better. Such is still the case today: the same technology that can be used to uplift the peasants can just as easily be used to enslave them.

Actually no, more than ever large corporations as well as individual technological philanthropists (Google, Microsoft, execs for example) are investing in the very same technologies that lead to increasing wealth in developing worlds...clean water technologies, energy production, smartphones, etc.
They're not the ones we need to be worried about.
Agreed, the stats show the greatest wealth amongst the smallest percentage in the world, but as I said, there are more people over the poverty line than ever (as measured by the UN), and as the video I posted also demonstrates, the level of material wealth within poverty is also much higher in industrialized nations, even the "poor" in the USA live lives that would have been considered impossible 50-100 yrs ago. As information becomes widespread (and the coming of microloans which allow poor people access to such info and communication, as well as increasing the local economy) people won't stand for being left behind anymore. We are seeing this already happen in the world. Millions will be brought out of poverty and BILLIONS more will have access to the internet in the coming decades. Eventually I see a blurring of the distinction between the haves and have nots, while some may not have the economic influence they will have other measures of influence and possessions that will bring the bar closer and then disappear if there is a singularity.

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