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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

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9. Never had an issue with this one....tell me have you seen a 23/24th century starship lately??

11. Wasn't it Gene Roddenberry who suggested every Starfleet officer was a qualified astronaut and therefore an officer? Nope, don't want to see your idea. I never liked the addition of enlisted men to STNG..
Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks that way.

I just love how so many people think the future MUST work out a certain way. How many of them would have found a show about our real life 2012 believable if it was perfectly accurate in every detail and released in 1970. If someone created a show about transhuman fighter pilots, I'd watch it even if I didn't like the idea of there being real transhumans made. But that is not what Star Trek is. If you think the future will work a certain way, make your own story. Don't try to force other stories to comprehend.

Most science fiction does the officer/enlisted thing unrealistically and laughably so. DS9 and Galactica both had enlisted men (O'Brien and Tyrol, oddly so in that he was a fighter plane mechanic who also did ordinance collection, hull repair, and seemed to be the command chief as well) who were effectively chief engineers at major commands. Now if they were small commands with only one or two officers, I could see the engineer being enlisted. But not when you have hundreds and even thousands of people on board.

Again, Trek should stick with what it is. Every version of the series for 40 years has shown that (almost) everyone in Starfleet is an officer, Starfleet officers always get their hands dirty, rank has no meaning when it comes to getting the right person to do the job, and leading from the front is taken to comical extremes.

A somewhat more realistic show where the captain is an older, more experienced officer who commands everything from the bridge while a permanent away team of 20 somethings would be more TV friendly. But it wouldn't be the Trek that we all know and love.
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