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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Missed the revival of this thread.

I hit 40 with my sentinel in early january and for some reason set the game aside for a month. Came back and slowly took up the game again in time to hit 50 just after 1.2 dropped. Sentinel was fine for leveling, but not the character I really wanted. That was rectified with 1.2. I am now working on a Chiss Sage who is just bad ass at lvl18 and so far seems much easier at killing mobs.

Update 1.2 really did improve quality of life in the game with things like the UI customization, legacy stuff, and orange gear. Here's hoping with 1.3 they can iron out pvp and low server populations. My preferred method for fixing the server issue would just be an influx of more players, but not sure how they could acheive that with the WoW expansion coming out soon. Word of mouth only goes so far and low population issues seem to be a vicious cycle. Here's hoping WOW's panda experiment is a total failure.
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