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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Sony demoed their 2012 lineup at a recent Convention in Mexico, and of course among the movies being previewed was 'Skyfall'

It begins with an interrogation scene, possibly a psych evaluation of Bond as someone is doing a word association game with the agent. At first we hear it as narration over a couple of establishing shots of London, starting with "Country" to which Bond responds "England." "Gun" is next, with the response being "Shot," followed by "agent" and "provocateur," and "murder" to which Bond replies "employment." By then, we're into the interrogation room and there are three people behind the glass looking on with Dame Judi Dench's M and Ralph Fiennes' Mallory being the most prominent, though we're not sure who the third person was. (In hindsight, either that third person or the interrogator may have been Albert Finney's character, but we're not sure.) When the interrogator says "Skyfall," Bond doesn't respond so he says "Skyfall" again and Bond says "Done" and gets up to leave.
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