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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

Opening numbers are coming in from the international markets where The Avengers has just opened and they are very good!!
Early box office estimates are coming out of Australia this evening where Marvel‘s The Avengers from Disney was released today for the start of its international run. And the hotly anticipated actioner is already shattering box office records overseas. It earned in U.S. dollar estimates of $6.0M in Australia and $1.2M in Taiwan and $700K in New Zealand for almost $8M from the three countries on Wednesday. Two of the nations, Australia and New Zealand were holidays: ANZAC Day, so that helped boost box office. Australia’s opening day is the second-highest opening of all time there behind only the final Harry Potter (A$7M). It is also the highest Marvel opening day ever, 214% ahead of Iron Man 2 (A$1.8M Thursday opening) and 136% ahead of The Dark Knight (A$2.5M Thursday opening), and the highest Disney opening day ever for a Disney film.
Argh, I have to wait another 9 days to see this!! If this trend continues into the North American market next week it could challenge for the OW record, which I think is $162m by one of the last Potter films.
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