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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Captain America 10-- The end of the "Powerless" arc. The story might have read better if it weren't such an old idea. The Alan Davis art is top-notch as always. I noticed in the latest "Previews" that Cullen Bunn will be co-writing this title with Brubaker in the near future. Is Bru on the way out?

FF 17-- My pick of the week. Not a sign of any of the kids as this issue focuses on Johnny and Peter being roommates. Hillarity ensues as Johnny installs a portal to the Negative Zone in Pete's closet, calls him at work during a presentation on the FF emergeny line tio ask him to bring home grocerys, throws wild parties at Petes apt, and the final straw, to which even Johnny agrees that its time for him to go, Annihilus using Pete's bathroom.

Daredevil 11- The conclusion to the Omega Effect arc doesn't really conclude anything as the status quo of the Omega drive and Mega-crime remained unchanged. The crossover was a lot of fun, but I was expecting more of an impact on the on-going story than we got.

New Avengers 25-- Meh. A lot of exposition trying to ret-con the Phoenix Force and K'un L'un together. Hopefully this will pick up next issue.

Secret Avengers 26-- Follows the space team as it goes after the Phoenix. Didn't really care for the art and the story didn't grab me.

Uncanny X-Men 11-- The first home-run of AvX. A solid story that spans from the end of AvX 1 through the end of AvX 2, and is better than both.

I thumbed through AvX vs #1 and Battle Scars 6, but put them both back on the rack. "VS" just didn't have any weight to it, and despite the coolness of Coulson coming to the 616, the cheesiness of the Marcus Johnson charac-- excuse me-- the "Nick Fury jr." character was just too much to handle.
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