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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Absent Friends, we toast them
B is for Bounty, HMS
C is for Captain J.T. Esteban of the science vessel USS Grissom
D is for Doctor David Marcus. Kirk's son. Killed by Kruge and left behind to disintergrate on the Genesis Planet when it exploded.
E is for Enterprise, USS, NCC 1701. blown to smithereens.
F is for Fedewation Battlecwuiser
G is for Genesis planet
H is for Harry Morrow, the admiral and Starfleet Chief of Staff
I is for Illogical. Perhaps how Dr. McCoy found several of his actions to be over the course of this film.
J is for Jim. Your name is Jim.
K is for Kruge. Kirk. has had. Enough of. HIM!
L is for Lexorin, for when you're suffering from a Vulcan mind-meld
M is for McCoy. Leonard H. Son of David.
N is for No. Which was the word from Admiral Morrow. Of Course, Kirk therefore went to Genesis anyway.
O is for Open Wound, which is what the death of Spock was like, or "Only the computer is speaking." The last thing the leader of the Klingon boarding party said after entering the Enterprise's bridge. Then the ship exploded.
P is for Protomatter, an unstable substance which every ethical scientist has denounced as dangerously unpredictable.
Q is for Quarantined, Genesis was
R is for Regret, which Valkris must have felt after confessing to Commander Kruge that she had viewed the Genesis Project materials
S is for Sabotage, which Scotty performed on the Excelsior
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