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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Well like I said I just played for the free weekend which is now over, so my account is inactive. Even if I had a mind to buy the game (which I don't think I do) I'm not even sure how I'd go about doing so and keeping my existing characters.

Not sure which class I picked, but I'm pretty sure for my Jedi Knight it was the one that could only wield a single blade (the tank I think?) I do remember that my Sith warrior was a duel wielder, while my inquisitor was a double-bladed sabre wielding assassin. I never even got off of Tython with my consular while I *just* made it with the other classes. I think I made both my smuggler and bounty hunter duel pistol wielders, my trooper a...something or other with an assault cannon and my agent was the one that wasn't a sniper. Operative I think?

And as for all the dodging; I wasn't going up against smugglers, but sith. PvP lightsabre combat just wasn't any fun at all. People just don't want to engage, but rather run around you in circles trying to take advantage of the dodgy targeting system and wear you down.

Honestly I think I had more fun designing and role playing my characters than anything else. I rather regret not taking any screen caps as I rather like how a lot of them looked. My favourite has to be my inquisitor. I made her a zel-... zabra-...???....the horn headed alien like Darth Maul. I picked the skinny body model, veiny skin texture and three little dreadlocks as I was going for a malnourished ex-slave look, but the result ended up looking more like a 14 year old girl, which oddly enough (combined with mostly sardonic responses), suited the voice actress surprisingly well.

I picked that bald pale skinned alien for my bounty hunter which freaked me out a little when I came to play my agent (a Chiss) as for a second there I thought my bounty hunter was making a cameo.

And since I've said this much I may as well mention that by trooper was an eyepatch wearing, dark skinned, blonde hair cyborg, my sith warrior was a full blooded sith, my smuggler was that green skinned alien with the face tattoos, my consular was that human looking race with no eyes and my knight was a blue skinned Twi'lek.

No humans you'll note. I thought they just looked too boring.

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