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Re: Cold Equations by David Mack???

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After the revelations of "Nemesis", I told Jeff Lang that if he ever did a sequel to "Immortal Coil", perhaps the prototypes would be B-1, B-2 and B-3.
As I've said before, that doesn't work for me because B-4 was simply too crude to be the fourth prototype out of six.
Sure, and "Immortal Coil" cleverly manages never to describe the three prototypes that Juliana had actually met, even though they were in the background of scenes in "Immortal Coil". These three prototypes may well have been barely recognizable as humanesque robotic forms. (Playmates put a little non-canonical plastic robot/android in as an accessory for their Dr Soong action figure.) In any case, we know that Julia had met three prototypes before Lore, IC mentioned Data having located them and storing them, and "Nemesis" showed that Soong had created at least one other.

I've suggested, B-1 through B-3 might've been nonhumanoid prototypes of just the positronic brain
I imagine more work would have been spent getting just the brain right. It's rather weird how often the entire android body is put aside just because the positronic brain wasn't functioning correctly.

Or, Soong could have gave himself a countdown to perfection, starting with beta test models B-4 ("before"), then B-3, B-2, B-1, and resorting to "Lore", who turned out to be a disaster and then "Data" when he'd run out of numbered designations.

With so little canonical information a lot of possibilities are there. Thankfully, the revised script for "Nemesis" ditched the previous name of "B-9" ("benign").
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