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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

Yeah, I thumbed thriugh the first issue and put it back on the shelf. I really liked Uncanny X-Men 11 with it's opening monologue from Namor, to the fight between Red Hulk and Colossus (Which I think was better than either of the "AvX vs" fights), to Scott activating his "Avengers Protocol", which is the first time in this event that it's made clear that Scott knew this was coming, as per X-Sanction. Possibly the best issue to come out of AvX yet.

New Avengers 24 is, I think, another one of those issues that will read better in trade. None of the NA team are actually in the issue, which is set mostly in the past and details the connection between K'un L'un and the Phoenix Force. Secret Avengers follows the space-team on their mission, and ends with the appearance of...

I wasn't too impressed with either of the Avengers AvX crossovesr this week.
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