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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

  1. Get rid of the hokiness!
  2. Come down to earth.
  3. Real military terminology.
  4. Real scientific terminology.
  5. Needs to be dark and gritty.
  6. Aliens need to look like aliens and......
  7. Timeline progression through seasons.
  8. Character development.
  9. Ships need to look like science/military vessels inside and out.
  10. Uniforms, I am 15 years ex-Navy don't get me started..oops too late!
  11. Officers and ENLISTED please! Special forces away teams! Contractors
  12. Sound does not travel in space!
So I'll try and not be closed minded...

Dennis has a point...the ST09 movie pretty much did away with explaining anything, they don't really have to! Some of it is familiar to us, the other is there for us to make decisions about it. What they DID do was ground it somewhat more more, pull back some of the futuristic elements so that the 21st century non-fans could latch onto it abit more.


1. I don't think the last few series have been "hokey". They had good budgets and good writing...what irritates me is shows like NuBSG, that try not to postulate any kind of tech advance that makes concurrent sense (light speed and wired telephones from 1955...come ON!) or any kind of social evolution. To me these shows are more creatively bankrupt than ST.

2. Fine idea, but unless you ignore all the past and do a total reboot, not happening. Warp drive will be the same.

3. Starfleet at best is only partially military, no matter what you say about weapons etc, they are still a force for exploration, and have large numbers of scientists and the like aboard ship.

4. Again, a good idea, but unless you want to contradict all ST history (as the ST09 movie wisely did not do) then you can't change this.

5. No, maybe you can ground it in "reality" more like ST09, but that's exactly what ST should NOT be.

6. ST has it's fair share of totally alien entities but in general audiences don't warm up to these...also these aliens cost money....that's the practical aspect aside. I'd like to see more "alien" aliens, but within reason.

7. Ugh, as much as I find the history of the UFP interesting, politics and historical travelogues don't do well on TV. I say nix the idea of trying to show the UFP's Facebook timeline.

8. Characters are great, but I don't need to identify with my crew to like them. I also find that in sci fi, like it or not, it's the ideas that get me coming back, doesn't matter WHICH crew it is. So development is nice, but I don't want to sacrifice ideas for drama.

9. Never had an issue with this one....tell me have you seen a 23/24th century starship lately??

10. There are many fan designed uniforms that are carbon copies of 20th century military uniforms with possibly a wispy delta shield added. They wind up looking unimaginative and boring. Nix the "realistic" retro uniform idea.

11. Wasn't it Gene Roddenberry who suggested every Starfleet officer was a qualified astronaut and therefore an officer? Nope, don't want to see your idea. I never liked the addition of enlisted men to STNG.

12. Don't get me started...98% of space dramas use sound in space...100% are inaccurate in some way.
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