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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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according to UN data, the world is more prosperous than in the entire history of humankind
Good for "the world." But you're smart enough to realize that this could still be true even if two billion people were eating out of dumpsters. A massive growth of prosperity doesn't mean much if it isn't evenly distributed among the broader population.

And it hasn't been. The majority of it has been concentrated in a collection of highly industrialized nations and in a handful of regions in which they are heavily invested. Meanwhile, there are 600 million people in the world who are having a really good day if they get to eat anything at all.

I also pointed out already that the stock market is undervalued by a massive amount, and if this wealth was appraised correctly, it would add trillions to the world economy.
Which sort of underscores my point, doesn't it? How many people in the world actually participate in the stock market, let alone derive a significant portion of their wealth from it? Those trillions of dollars would end up in the hands of a handful of enormous multinational firms and a few thousand extremely well-connected politicians and investors. That leaves the rest of us S.O.L.
No, as the data shows, there is a rising in the actual poor, and the poorest 1 billion for that matter...this is happening over the last 50 years, but increasing in the last decade. Technology has a lot to do with it, information has a lot to do with it...much as it has with overthrowing dictators in Arab states in recent years (also a good sign for technological acceptance in the near future). What people are failing to realize, or realizing very gradually is that the climate for real change is actually happening for the first time in human history. The old patterns of economics will not apply...despite the fact the wealth still resides with the richest few percent of the planet, this will change.

Actually no, more than ever large corporations as well as individual technological philanthropists (Google, Microsoft, execs for example) are investing in the very same technologies that lead to increasing wealth in developing worlds...clean water technologies, energy production, smartphones, etc.

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