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Re: Starbuck's speech about Cain

^^^ Well, y'know, ol' Starbuck wasn't too terribly well wrapped herself... Very much a means-to-an-end personality type, almost identical to Cain. You also have to remember that Starbuck's mother was also terribly venomous and sadistic to her. So, she was most likely projecting those mommy issues on the situation, which makes perfect sense if you put all of it together like that. Cain was clearly a mother-authority figure of unbridled power and influence that Starbuck's damaged psyche forced her to respect and fear.

I still have visions of Billy sneaking down into the landing bay, late on the night before the funeral when nobody was around, and peeled the Admiral's pins off Cain's uniform to give to Rosslyn for Adama's promotion afterwards. Would have been fitting...
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