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Re: Cold Equations by David Mack???

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After the revelations of "Nemesis", I told Jeff Lang that if he ever did a sequel to "Immortal Coil", perhaps the prototypes would be B-1, B-2 and B-3.
As I've said before, that doesn't work for me because B-4 was simply too crude to be the fourth prototype out of six. Also because Julianna evidently didn't know about him, so he may have been built before she came along, before the other three. As I've suggested, B-1 through B-3 might've been nonhumanoid prototypes of just the positronic brain, or maybe, as the script itself suggested, "B-4" was simply a pun on "Before."
Do we know for sure that B-4 was crude? At the beginning of "The Offspring", Lal exhibits many of the same behaviours as B-4. That episode took place over weeks; Nemesis over days.
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