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Re: Cold Equations by David Mack???

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AFAIK, Countdown is part of the Star Trek Online continuity, which is incompatible with extended treklit.
Rather, STO chose to incorporate the events of Countdown into its backstory and the artists of Countdown borrowed the uniform designs from STO. But STO also borrowed some things from the novel continuity while contradicting others. And the final book in Shatner's Totality trilogy borrowed some Titan crew from the other novels while completely contradicting Titan's continuity. There are no hard and fast dividing lines where tie-in continuity is concerned. Different works can borrow bits and pieces from each other however they choose.

So if the editorial decision were made to make the novels consistent with Countdown, there's no reason they couldn't be. After all, that comic sold very well, so there could be good marketing/economic reasons to tie into it. It would just be something that both the novels and STO chose to be consistent with, just as they're both consistent with canon. It would just fit into their respective tapestries in different ways.
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