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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

I wasn't talking about stat modding, I was talking about cosmetics. In DCUO, once you acquire a piece of armour you "unlock" it's appearance so, if you want you character can always wear it, regardless of what you actually have equipped. You can even adjust the colour scheme. For example, my character's look could change like so just by fiddling around with the cosmetics and without having to change the armour loadouts. It basically lets you wear the best armour pieces without having to look like you're actually wearing them. I mean in theory you could spend the whole game running around in your underwear if you wanted.

It just breaks the immersion for me when I go back to the quest giver and there are five other character standing around wearing the exact same outfit. Admittedly it's not so bad with Jedi, Sith or the trooper as you'd expect some degree of uniformity, but for the smuggler and the agent it just feels...silly. I also wasn't a fan of having to choose a specialization at Lv10 and having your weapon choice dictated by that.

Random question: does the lightside/darkside system have anything to do with the plot or is it just a way to gain access to the most powerful gear? I mean, let's say I continued to play my Sith warrior mostly on the lightside, is there ever a point where this is addressed? Can you switch allegiances and defect to the Jedi? Can a smuggler ever sell out to the Empire or a bounty hunter decide they'd rather take Republic contracts? Indeed, why not both? You'd think the bounty hunter and smuggler classes would be able to not pick sides at all and just go where the money is.
I ask because if light or dark side points only equates equipment unlocks then what's the intensive to actually role play rather than just game the system?

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