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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Toons? Rolling? I'm sorry, but you lost me there. I'm not really au fait with MMORPG nomenclature.

Even so, I think you've summed up my basic problem with every MMO I've tried to date. Repetition for the sake of more repetition. I know a hamster wheel when I see one.

I did have a go at PvP, but since I was only a Lv11 Jedi Knight, fresh off the shuttle from Tython, I got repeatedly annihilated. Aside form that I just didn't find it to be very fun trying to engage a person in lightsaber combat when all they want to do is dodge about and spam powers at you.

Also, perhaps I was spoilt by DCUO, but I hated how I couldn't design the look of my character's gear but am instead just stuck with whatever happens to have the best stats, which of course means on the odd occasion that you do see someone else, they tend to be wearing the same outfit as you. I feel it rather spoils any sense of individuality.

Also, is there any known cosmetic bugs with the armours? I ask because I noticed one of them looked different in-game to how it looked on the pick-your-character screen.

If I thought the game is likely to go F2P then I might pick it up again, but somehow I doubt they'd do that with a game that cost this much to make. I think if the population gets that low they're more likely to just pull the plug and cut their losses...Which is a shame since with a little extra work it could have been a decent SP RPG.
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