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Re: Cold Equations by David Mack???

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Aw, so I take that to mean that Cold Equations is going to eliminate Countdown from novelverse continuity? I rather liked that story...
"Countdown" was a comic mini-series. It's not necessarily in future novel continuity.
Yet there were some hints dropped in "Paths of Disharmony" and "Rough Beasts of Empire" that a vaguely Countdownish future may come to pass.
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I don't think Data would have uploaded his memories and such into B-4 if he believed they would overwrite B-4's own programming and essentially kill him.
Maybe the programming blended (rather like the recent blending of my two laptops' memories) and the "Countdown" Captain Data is the B-4 that happily embraced the gradual integration of Data memories?
A chapter in "The Needs of the Many" explained Data's resurrection in B4, in a direct set-up for "Countdown". Although, the circumstaces in the post-Destiny novels would require a somewhat different approach.
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